Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Carding Fleece

All of us have improved upper arm and chest muscles after carding fleece for over an hour this morning!

Some of us had done this before and brought our own carders and made very neat piles of yarn almost ready for spinning:

We did stop for a cup of tea and biscuits and some time in the museum before going back to work:

It was pretty tough to do though personally I found it very therapeutic (it may help get me through meetings) and am quite proud of my pile of wool:

Some of us are continuing at home and next time it's purifying the fleece into yarn and pulling out any sticky bits or (in Charlotte's words) sheep nastiness.


  1. Carding wasn't something I'd tried before and like many things it's not as easy as it looks! I did enjoy it even though my fingers started to ache a bit - a known weakness from overuse of embroidery needles.

    I'll look at the photos I took in the room as well as in the museum and try to put them up - or ask Debbie to help.


  2. A great morning, the time absolutely flew by. Interesting to see the differences in our piles of fleece with one basic technique which I think we all agreed was very labour intensive but an activity that allowed for plenty of time to get to know each other and exchange ideas and thoughts on our "socks". Mollie has taken some photos of the socks, without flash, that does enable you to enlarge them on the computer and look a little more closely at the stitches and the construction of the socks.