Wednesday, 25 November 2009

More Carding

Today we continued carding - some of us are almost at the spinning stage.

Sally spun some of her carded fleece into card on her wheel:

However, You would not find spinning wheels in Ancient Egypt!

Angela made a replica sock out of a dish cloth, which she then dyed in tea to make it look old:

It may not be knitted but it is a good replica:

Next fortnight, we're on to spinning. I'll be taking lessons from Charlotte on Saturday and it will be interesting to see what the others do that day too!

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  1. Making a replica sock out of a dishcloth may seem fanciful but I always find that creating a marquette often solves many construction problems before you start making the real thing.

    I learned that the sock is basically constructed from two cylinder shapes. The largest starting with the double toe section, running along the instep and then casting off over the instep and continuing flat work to end under the heel.

    The second cylinder covers the ankle then splits over the instep to join down the side of the foot and then to the sole round the back of the heel.

    I chose a dishcloth because it has a definite rib to mimic our original sock.

    The historic background is fascinating, thanks Debbie, I now want to find out more about the wearer .