Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Replica Coptic Sock Pattern By Angela Easterling

Yarn: Jacob Black Aran 100% Wool. 3ply
Tension: 4 stitches per inch and 7 rows per inch. To fit size 5
Work throughout in Coptic stitch. This pattern should be used in conjunction with my “Diagrams for Construction of Egyptian Sock”

Instep to Toe Section

Stage One
Chain 32 stitches and join to fit comfortably around the instep. Work about 6 inches (about 42 rounds) working towards the toes.

Stage Two
To Work Big Toe
Chain 3 at right angles to circle and join that to 12 stitches away to create a bridge. This forms the division between the toe sections.

Stage Three
Next create a small cylinder for the big toe. Work cylinder till the right length, and then decrease every stitch until all gone.

Stage Four
Go back to bridge and start creating cylinder for the larger 4 toe section. Work three rounds then decrease one stitch on outer edge on alternate rounds until 10 stitches left. Then decrease every stitch until down to none.

Stage Five
To continue sole to back of heel
Pick up 10 stitches on base of instep section work 7 rows flat. Then continue decreasing one stitch each row until 4 stitches remain.

Ankle to Heel Section
Stage Six
Chain 32 stitches and join to fit comfortably round the ankle. Work in a cylinder for about 10 rounds or until long enough.

Stage Seven
Work one row of 28 stitches. Turn and work flat for two rows. Continue, decreasing one stitch each end of each row until 20 remain. Work 2 more rows. Then continue 4 more rows increasing two stitches in the middle of each row to ease heel. Decrease one stitch at each end of final row.

Join using invisible stitches as shown in my Constructions of Egyptian Sock.

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  1. I applaud this group for doing the socks, and getting a pattern up. What I don't understand is why you don't use the proper heel construction, and why the stitches always seem to bias. I'm not trying to be critical really, just curious why you don't use the original, simple heel. And yes, I've made the adult size several times using my own pattern. I teach several classes a year on this particular stitch and it is lots of fun! Just curious on pattern development, and seriously glad someone else is doing this research, too.